The Whirlwind Book - altered lined notebook


Original work of art on the cover of a small lined notebook to set the mood,
and then its time to add your own imaginings!

The words on the front say "The Whirlwind Book"
The black is painted black.

Medium: collage and acrylic paint on notebook, both sides painted.
(I also used some interference purple on the edges, which shimmers like bug wings)
Size: 5"x7"
Brand: Unknown
Extras: It has a blue elastic band to hold it closed and a blue ribbon attatched for use as a bookmark.

How does one protect the pages?: Hopefully, your book will become a well loved companion, and that means that yes, it will get roughed up, scraped and damaged. This is part of the personality and fun of having a travel art book. I currently use a sketchbook that I have collaged in the same way. When mine gets a small scrape, it exposes the paper from the collage, and I fill it in with marker ink. It holds up surprisingly well! I've carried mine for about 4 months and it still looks pretty pristine.
HOWEVER, I will be sending it in a protective sleeve, which you can keep it in if you want to keep it safe from harm while in transit.

(Shipping already Included)


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