Children of Erebus - original surreal mixed media otherworldly monsters

$300.00 - $375.00

The Children of Erebus
Medium: Mixed Media - Various papers, magazine, vintage papers, acrylic
Size: 11x14"
Framed Size: 16" x 20"
(I'm offering both a Framed and Unframed Price. It is currently Framed.)

This is one of my favorite pieces from 2023. I am a huge fan of miscellaneous dark and weird characters (Nightbreed is one of my fave movies) and I feel like the text here works.
(fun story at the bottom)

"We come from haunts of Trash an dshadow fruit. Moving to the melody of demon poetry and cursed whispers.
We are the Children of Erebus, creatures born of Premordial galaxies.
We Exist...
and we must DANCE. "

And now for the fun story.
The part that is hand-written - "TRASH" -
this comes from an old notebook that belonged to my mother. She was also an artist who was using a lot of mixed media and collage. I saved a LOT of her ephemera after she passed. I found a grocery list on one page and decided to rip it up for my own art (I figured she'd appreciate it)
Also, coincidentally, her and my handwriting are almost identical.

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  • UNFRAMED 100%
  • FRAMED 100%