Crawford's Paradise Stimulant


Crawford's Paradise Stimulant
Crawford was a magi who sailed the open sea
He had a super keen eye, for happiness and glee -
One fateful day beyond the veil, he found a perfect land -
With rotting fruit and and purple skies, and the quickest of glittery sand,
With flaming rocks and smoking spires, and creatures 50 feet tall,
The screams of….
Wait… sorry.
Thats not quite paradise. I took a bad poetry potion mixed with falsifying liquid before writing this.
PARADISE STIMULANT is a fantastic elixir to make your day run smoothly.
Bring your margarita and your junior mints and lay out on a beach chair - you will totally imagine you are in paradise, even if you are in the place I described above.
Make your hell life into a paradise today, with Crawford's Paradise Stimulant!
Actuality Notice: This is a decorative object. Mixed media on a glass vessel. Includes some blacklight reactive paint.
Titles: I always use cut text - it is a game with myself that I am not allowed to come up with the title, I have to instead find the words.

Size: 9.25" high

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Artwork © Lydia Burris


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