Crimson Muse - 6"x9" original surreal dark art self portrait on paper


One from the archives, and a favorite!
Crimson Muse is a fantastical self portrait.
6" x 9" acrylic on paper
(mini print is available, check the shop!)

This piece was done with a limited palette in oil paint. I only used blue and alizarin crimson.

There are tendrils coming from the forehead. I actually get a physical response when I look at it - I wrinkle my face and I want to rub the center of my forehead to keep the roots from bursting forth - I can imagine it too well! (Perhaps because it is based on my face!)
I could see this character living in Midian. (If you are familiar with Clive Barker's Nightbreed or Cabal)
It does have a darkness too it, but that doesn't mean its an evil or demonic character. There are branches coming from the head and the hair looks like roots. Perhaps it is a forest spirit!

This is an original work of art. All pieces are wrapped well. I once worked at a shipping facility, I know how to wrap my work protectively!
*All Rights Reserved © Lydia Burris


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