DEMON HORSE - small green mean plaguey horse


WHOA NELLY, Where did this little abomination come from?!
(And he has a larger red FIEND, er, I mean Friend! Who is also, in fact, a FIEND!)

MEDIUM: I started with a plastic horse toy figurine as my CANVAS, and then I added glue, wire, string, some smelly epoxy product, a skin of tissue paper and acrylic paint.
*Cue a frightening tiny NEIGHING sound*

Purchase at your own Risk.
I cannot promise that it will not carry you to the netherlands of green smoke and hell screams (You'd have to shrink yourself to a very very tiny size though)

SIZE: I forgot to measure it before I put it in it's stable! There is a picture with my hand though and that will give you a good estimate.
Shipping is FREE within the USA!


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