Glow with the Glow - Original 2D poetic experiment - FRAMED

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"Glow with the Glow"
An automatic creation, reflecting some emotions I had at the time of creation.
9"x 12"
Frame Size: 16 x 13 x 1 in
(Available as both framed or Unframed: see variation options)

The cut text says:


Glow with the glow on the edge of desire
your brain is adapted to Questing and fire

Let us begin the life that we found
To hunt and to marvel, saith the Lord of sound.

And let the SNARES of magic remain
Our wild seeds loose with power ~and pain.~"
This is an original work of art. All pieces are wrapped well.
*All Rights Reserved © Lydia Burris


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  • UNFRAMED 100%