Immortal Mind Mustard


Immortal Mind Mustard

When you live too long, your mind basically becomes a high-voltage goo. The oldest of gods, vampires and spirits always tend to go crazy. Here at the Darkness Dreaming Bottling Company, we have made (possibly unfortunate) agreements with immortal beings to collect some of their brain (which will regrow) in exchange for… things (of what we aren’t allowed to speak of.) We have bottled this immortal brain matter for your use in a variety of recipes and concoctions. From novices to long time potion brewing witches, Immortal Mind Mustard can be a very important ingredient in your cupboard.

Advisory: Consuming too much Mind Mustard at once will indeed cause insanity. Use sparingly and with caution. Recommended for use with Darkness Dreaming approved recipes.

Legalish Notice: Some provinces and counties have labeled Immortal Mind Mustard as a class Z7 substance, and cannot be obtained without a registration card.


Actuality Notice: This is a decorative object. No mustard nor immortal brain matter is included within this bottle. It is ART! Mixed media on a glass vessel. Some blacklight reactive paint was also involved.

Titles: I always use cut text - it is a game with myself that I am not allowed to come up with the title, I have to instead find the words.

Size: 10 ⅜" high

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Artwork © Lydia Burris


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