Mother Galaxys Otherworld Delight Mix - Altered Vessel


Mother Galaxys Otherworld Delight Mix

New from the magical minds of the Darkness Dreaming Bottling Company, we present Mother Galaxys Otherworld Delight Mix! Add this concoction to your morning juice for a day full of dreaming delights and strange happenings.
There is a 12.5% chance you will be transported to a random planet in your galaxy.
There is a 3% chance you may step in another dimension.

Advisory: Not to be mixed with Father Universe's Innerworldly Discomfort Mix.

Actuality Notice: This is a decorative object. Mixed media on a glass vessel.

Titles: I always use cut text - it is a game with myself that I am not allowed to come up with the title, I have to instead find the words.

Size: 8 3/8" high

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Artwork © Lydia Burris


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