Pulverized Phantom Tongue - decorative potion bottle


Pulverized Phantom Tongue
We have collected phantom tongues from the various dank and dreary corners of the world, and pulverized them for you! Today's kitchen witches are often too busy to procure their own phantom tongues, but now you can save time and energy, as well as avoid the risk of phantom curses and diseases. Our phantom tongues are the best, and do not contain filler from other similar incoporial beings. Get your very own bottle today!
Note: Decorative Only.
medium: Glass vessel (Old Ink bottle), glue, tissue, cut text, acrylic paint
Size: Unmeasured at this time. Picture with hand gives a relative indication of it's size.

Using cut text on these potion bottles is like a game I play with myself. I do not allow myself to imagine the title, I have to FIND the words from my collection of scrap books and broken or discarded literature. I have a lot more fun this way.


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