Savory Gloom


Savory Gloom

Midnight approaches and you adjust your black lace veil.
It is time. Time to savor the gloom you've been cultivating,
but now you can save time and enjoy your darkness even more with
our new wonderful product "Savory Gloom"!
7 out of 8 goths recommend "Savory Gloom" over other gloom enhancing products.
Plus its super delicious! Add it to your favorite drink OR pour some into your soup!

Note: Combine Savory Gloom with the "Whisper of Wicked Angels" to add
a little malicious spice to your evenings!
Actuality Notice: This is a decorative object. Mixed media on a glass vessel. There are some interference acrylic colors used, creating an iridescent effect.
Titles: I always use cut text - it is a game with myself that I am not allowed to come up with the title, I have to instead find the words.

Size: 9.25" high

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Artwork © Lydia Burris


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