She Came Alive When she Heard the Night Wind Call - original framed 2D drawing


"She Came Alive When She Heard The Night Wind Cry"

Original Framed ink Drawing
Frame size: 21" x 27"
Medium: ink and white ink

Inspiration: The inspiration for this drawing came to me one day when one of my students walked into class wearing a this fantastic jacket with concentric circles.
I got permission to get a photo and use her as reference. (Thank you Megan!)

Process: The structures in the background were made by drawing in pencil, filling the negative space in with black ink, and then erasing the pencil lines. Its a long but satisfying process! The figure is drawn in pencil, the hair and otherworldly atmosphere is done with ink.

Meaning: I was aiming for a sense of magic and ambiguous emotions. The way I feel when I hear wind on a warm night. I want to side step into an in-between dimension and feel the source of the universe. That is what this piece is to me, but you can interpret it in however way you like. I often create automatically, which means I don't tend to assign meaning to a piece until after it is finished, and this meaning is merely what I took from it.
A hint of a story. An ambiguous dreamspace. The full interpretation is up to the viewer.
This is an original work of art. All pieces are wrapped well.
*All Rights Reserved © Lydia Burris


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