The Cosmic Doorman - Original 2d mixed media experiment Copy

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"The Cosmic Doorman"
From my current project of INNERWORLDLY EXPLORATIONS, where I am using an old disused book to do collage and mixed media experiments in.

It includes text:

"The cosmic doorman whispered of innermost secrets with feverish delight."

MATERIALS: Mixed media collage, string, acrylic and cut text on vintage book page.
The pink is neon/ BLACKLIGHT reactive. (I tried to scan this in but neon does not register in my scanner and it looked super weird without it!)

Size: ALMOST 9"x12" - Just a little shy of 9" wide - but will still fit in a standard 9x12 mat.

BONUS: Original work will be packed with extra goodies

SHIPPING: FREE! It will be packaged up well to keep it safe and flat.


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