Spectral Guidance

$150.00 - $200.00 / On Sale

Spectral Guidance
SIZE: 9"x12"
Frame Size: (not measured at the moment, see picture for image)
(I can sell this as unframed or framed. The frame has a few small blemishes)

One from the Archives. Originally completed in 2017.
I was on a charcoal kick, creating imaginative fantastic portraits.
This was also a time where I was feeling very tangled in my life, and I was hoping for a way to change my situation.

Funny bit: One of the original title ideas - thinking about how these illuminating shapes of light would help guide me to a new direction, I thought of "Guiding Light", but quickly realized that WOULD NOT WORK, and I was suddenly struck by memories of bad soap operas. So... I opted for an alternate title that had the same idea. It still makes me laugh.

SALE: I would like to see this piece in a good home. Letting it go for a good deal
SHIPPING: Free within the USA


  • Unframed 100%
  • Framed 100%