The Priest of the Puzzle - 12x12 PRINT


The Priest of the Puzzle
12" x 12" PRINT, semi-gloss

The original creation (Still available in my studio) was made with mixed media - acrylic, collage, and oil on wood panel. 2022

The Priest of the Puzzle includes a cut text segment.
The words say:
"In different ways - the priest of the puzzle grew from within, travelling like a mist, sleeping in the shape of great windblown branches or the broken edge of spider-clad stones."

The Priest of the puzzle has no eyes, and a star at their solar plexus, and a small purple flower pinned to their jacket. There are small humorous doodles hiding in the hair. You can see the hint of a face peeping through the haze of the white paint to the left of the character. (Our left)

I started this piece with a collage background, but kept the area for a face empty. The the face was created by automatically scribbling it and painting the shapes in no matter where they lie. This is why they don't have eyes.

Print comes in a sealed clear plastic bag with a backing board. It will be shipped flat.
*All Rights Reserved © Lydia Burris


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