The Whisper of Wicked Angels


The Whisper of Wicked Angels

Make sure to keep a cork on this special elixir, so you aren't influenced at all times by wicked angels, but if you need a little boost of evil in your life, this is the bottle for you!
Here at the Darkness Dreaming Bottling company, we have specially trained zigzag magicians who were able to sneak up on wicked angels doing their dirty work, and siphon their whispers into a potion. We cannot guarantee what these whispers will tell you, they seem to be different for everyone.

WARNING: Use with caution, a little wickedness can go a long way.

Legal Notice: We are not responsible for the downfall of you, your neighbors, or civilization as a whole.
Actuality Notice: No actual wickedness or the whispers of angels included. This is a decorative object. Mixed media on a glass vessel. blacklight reactive paint is involved.

Titles: I always use cut text - it is a game with myself that I am not allowed to come up with the title, I have to instead find the words.

Size: 3.75" high

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Artwork © Lydia Burris


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