What Lies Below - 11x17 ART PRINT - digital remix surreal art with chicago skyline


"What Lies Below"

This piece was made in Procreate.
11x17 PRINT - Semi-gloss

PROCESS: I moved to Chicago in 2021. I LOVE taking walks to stretch my legs and play with photography. The base of this picture uses photographs I took of downtown chicago - and then I drew on top of it with digital procreate drawing tools.

MEANING: You can certainly make your own meaning, thats the fun part about making surreal artwork - but I specifically wanted to have the sense that there are things that happen above and different things that happen BELOW, and the way their magic entwines and merges in unique ways.

There are words written on the art:
"Take me UP, so I can envision what LIES BELOW."

Print comes in a sealed clear plastic bag with a backing board. It will be shipped flat.
*All Rights Reserved © Lydia Burris


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