Wild and Unusual Women - Mystery Print Package


Strange landies and ambiguously unusual women and possibly WILD GALS are jam packed into this envelope package! I admit, some of them are self portraits...

WHATS INSIDE? Worth over $100 of cool stuff!
* There are at LEAST THREE 11x17 prints
* At LEAST TWO 4x6 prints
* At Least one thing from the deep archive

WHOA. If you like surprises, this package is for you.

(If you already have a lot of prints and are concerned about getting repeat prints, feel free to tell me which ones you have and I can make sure you don't get repeats.)

Be aware: Tax will be added onto your order.
S+H: I've chosen a flat $8 to help with shipping and handing costs.

Design on package may be different. The image is just an example!


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